We work with the most important National and International Insurance Companies dealing with D&O – Directors & Officers / Management Liability.

Through our partners, the insurance policies we offer aim to protect the personal assets of Company Directors and Officers. More deeply, our products cover the payment of legal expenses incurred in the event of compensation claims by third parties for unlawful acts committed by an administrator, mayor or manager of a limited liability company.

The current economic context is one of the most difficult ever in our history. Directors and Officers undergo several inspections related to pasr, present and future business choices. In this context, Directors and Officers are exposed to denounciations and complaint moved by different stakeholders.

Features of the insurance coverage:

Directors and Officers work in a complex legal context, and companies all over the world must conform to several laws and standards. Due to the high level of scrutinity that must be respected to conform to the law and the increasing number of “creative” lawsuits, the legal context is becoming incresingly complex, challenging and expensive.

In this context, Directors and Officers are exposed to risks both in their country and abroad, therefore they need a dedicated insurance coverage in the event od compensation claims.

 The insurance coverage includes: 

  • Legal and compensation expenses for “unlawful acts”;
  • Coverage for the Administrator of an external organisations, in addition to the policy-holder’s contractors;
  • Coverage for “unlawful acts” in relation to employment relationship on an “individual” basis (including emotional stress);
  • Legal expenses up to the ceiling for inspections concerning the company’s business;
  • Pre-approved emergency expenses;
  • Deposit expenses;
  • Reduced number of exclusions, with non-executive IVI clause (Insured against Insured) applicable only to US compensation claims;
  • Expenses to mitigate repution damage;
  • Exclusive vantages for publicly listed companies;
  • Automatic insurance coverage for societies in relation to compensation claims relating to financial instruments;
  • Affirmative insurance coverage for the esposure to the Sarbanes-Oxley Law (including the related consultancy costs to interpret the law);
  • Affirmative insurance coverage for lawyers within the company;
  • Crisis management costs;
  • Interpretative consultancy;
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