IVASS measure no. 46/2016 – Discipline the procedure for presenting complaints to insurance intermediaries

According to Regulations, by Complaint we refer to a  “declaration of dissatisfaction in writing towards an insurance company, an insurance intermediary or an intermediary registered in the attached list, relating to a contract or an insurance service; requests for information or clarifications, claims for damages or performance of the contract are not considered complaints “.

Any complaints concerning the contractual relationship or the management of claims, even if they concern persons involved in the Company’s operating cycle, including employees and collaborators, must be sent in writing to:

BSA s.r.l.
Ufficio Reclami Clodia 36/B-00195 Roma

Fax:+39 06.39735765

Once the complaint has been recieved, the company will reply within 45 days

In case of failure or partial acceptance of the complaint by the Company, the complainant can contact IVASS and alternative dispute resolution systems by filling out the relative form

Modulo IVASS: Allegato2_Guida_ai_reclami

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