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BSA works as a wholesale in the insurance market. Since 1992 our aim is to provide our partners with the best and personalised insurance solutions responsively. BSA Wholesale works exclusively with partners enrolled to the A and B R.U.I. sections. This is because we want to protect, improve and strenghten our partnership with agents and brokers.
Apart from offering products of the most important national and international insurance companies, our specialisation is the placing of specific risks in the British insurance market. Our Team is highly prepared thanks to its knowledge of several market sectors. From the headquarters in Rome and Milan, it offers professional consultations to satisfy any need

Our partnership network in Italy

Our Software

BSA WHOLESALE provides its Partners, Agents and Brokers, with a private Web platform, called “BSA Unica”. To access, each Partner is provided with a personal ID and Password.

It is a management software, where each Partner can find:

  1. The complete portfolio in co-operation with BSA;
  2. The monthly recepits regarding the portfolio;
  3. The daily “cash sheet” for your policy coverage;
  4. The monthly statement showing the total remittance premium net of the covered commissions;
  5. Any outstanding issue;
  6. Negotiations and quotations management with live updates and the upload of related documents. Our software manages the several phases of the negotiation, from its beginning to its closure

 Our management software includes also:

  1. News related to the insurance sphere (such as regulations updates, products release, etc.);
  2. Conventions developed by BSA for its Partners (e.g. with Training Companies – IVASS Training Courses / with Credit Institutions – Agreements for the monthly splitting of customer policy premium (Consumer Credit, etc.);
  3. Estimator/comparator for most business classes (with a specific attention to Professional Liability);
  4. A complete documentation related to the risks with several Insurance Companies (Information Packages, Product Fiches, Questionnaires, etc.);
  5. Tutorials

Our ``core-business`` products

Become our Partner

BSA Wholesale works exclusively with Partners enrolled to the A and B R.U.I. sections. This is because we want to protect, improve and strenghten our partnership with Agents and Brokers.

If you are interested to become our Partner, please fill the form and submit it.


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